All videos filmed and created by Brooke Giacin

Brooke Giacin uses a Nikon D810, Nikon D850, GoPro Max 360, Autel Evo II, and a DJI Mavic Pro to capture various angles of the desired subject.  She has created videos for international show jumping, college equestrian, manufacturing businesses, fashion lines, and landscapes.  Her post-production takes place in Adobe Premiere Pro.  

Ruespari January 2021

Ruespari is founded by an American Equestrian with a love for animals and the Equestrian Sport. Ruespari produces many accessories which include: lip gloss, ear rings, bracelets, hip clutches, shoulder bags but most importantly, belts! Riders are athletes and therefore need to be as comfortable and flexible as any other athlete while competing. These belts are cruelty-free and fashionable.  This video demonstrates the flexibility while advertising the accessory line, The Ring is Your Runway line.  

Traverse City Horse Shows 2020

Traverse City Horse Show hosts the 50th American Gold Cup.
Traverse City Horse Shows

Grand Prix Hype Video

Show Jumping Explainer

Explaining the sport of show jumping

Who To Wacth Promo

Riders to Watch during the Grand Prix

Sponsor/Event Promo

Grand Prix Promo

Season Wrap of GLEF 2020

2020 Season wrap up video

American Gold Cup 2020

Past Winners of the American Gold Cup

American Gold Cup Promotion Video: Past Winners

American Gold Cup

American Gold Cup Promotion Video

Baylor Equestrian 2020-2021

Baylor Equestrian Hype Video

Baylor Equestrian 2019-2020

The Baylor Equestrian team is a team consisting of 65 participants.  It is a Divison I sport out of Waco, Texas.

Brooke Giacin is currently a participant on the Baylor Equestrian team.  On the team, she is a part of the Hype team which functions has a leadership team.  

Baylor Equestrian 2019-2020 Highlights


How It's Made

Shower Doors & More Inc. is a Fort Lauderdale, FL based family business that’s dedicated to providing outstanding enclosures.

This video demonstrates how glass is fabricated in their production line.  

This video demonstrates the process of framing shower door enclosures.

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