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Why Photography

Ansel Adams always described, “photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution.” This quote encapsulates the true importance of a photographer. As an equine photographer, I am hired to express the bond between the horse, rider, and competition; however, as a general photographer, I strive to capture the inner beauty and small but monumental moments of life.  Specifically, I work to capture behind the scenes moments that often go unnoticed. I believe every photo holds its own story.  Whether it’s a typical “action shot” or average “candid,” every shot has a backstory that enables the subject to reminisce that specific event. To this day, I can remember the story of every photo I have taken. Photographers have the responsibility of capturing “these moments.” In capturing these moments, timing is everything. A special moment could last milliseconds.


Photographers are the artists of special moments.  They have the ability to illustrate and to communicate the emotion and atmosphere of the event. Recently I have been granted the opportunity to work as the Baylor Equestrian Team photographer. With this position comes a multitude of opportunities. These include taking pictures of the team; but, capturing how the team collaborates, focuses, and functions behind the scenes. My role is one of the most essential components to the team's behind the scenes. As the photographer, I capture moments my teammates will cherish forever; in addition, the photos and videos captured are combined into videos and slideshows for pre-game meals.  These videos and slideshows hype the team up and get them fueled for our next meet.  

Photography allows me to express myself in a unique way and capture memorable moments in time. I have worked with and learned from several professional photographers and media companies, including Kathy Russell Photography, Anne Gittins Photography, Equinium Sports Marketing, and the videography and live streaming company, ShowNet.
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Pictured: Brooke Giacin photographing for Kathy Russell Photography at the Palm Beach Masters Series in Wellington, Florida. 


"Nigel," a native Key Largo pelican, resides in the Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary.  This sanctuary donates time to not only rescuing birds but,  caring for their injuries which would impair their abilities to survive in the wild.  Nigel is one of thousands of birds who was saved at this sanctuary.  

My photos of Triple Crown winner Justify were featured by Noelle Floyd magazine.
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"Poppy," a local ghost owl, resides with Nigel in the Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary.  Poppy's heart-shaped face and ghostly complexion grants his species the name "ghost owl."  

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Equine Photography

Portrait Photography

Anna Weis: Sailing 2021 Tokyo Olympian

Anna Weis is a young athlete who aspires to achieve her dream of competing at the now 2021 Tokyo Olympics.  Weis is sponsored by Snow Monkey and attends Boston University where she is on their Division I Crew Team.

Video: Working out clips by: Brooke Giacin

Sailing clips: Snow Monkey

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