Brooke Giacin is a Division I student athlete at Baylor University.

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"You have to be odd to be number one."

          - Dr. Seuss

Who is Brooke Giacin?

My name is Brooke Giacin, and I believe I have the ambition and am ready to work to prove it. 

I am a sophomore student athlete on the Baylor University Equestrian team. My experience as a student athlete has allowed me to develop time management skills.  This development has helped me excel in my academics and work environment.  


I am a Finance and Marketing major, I have taken courses in public speaking, quantitative business analysis, software applications, and interviewing. 


 As a senior in high school, I started my own freelance photography and videography company.  Through this I learned how to pay attention to detail and step out of my comfort zone. 


 By starting this business, it introduced me to the marketing industry which enabled me to work as a marketing intern for the Traverse City Horse Show. Traverse City Horse Show taught me interpersonal skills, active listening, and problem solving.  

I could go on and on explaining the impact horses have had on my life; however, horses divulged one of my true passions and talents: photography.  As cliche as it sounds, I think photography forces the viewer to focus on the moments and capture them.  Life is too short to be oblivious to the beauty that surrounds us.  My passion and background allow me to be creative in my field.  

I believe it is essential to learn from others while simultaneously growing from them.  Working for and with Kathy Russell, Annie Patterson, Catie Staszak, Shownet, Diana Hadsall, and Bridgette Ness has granted me the knowledge and abilities to develop a style of my own.  This style has helped me cultivate a name for myself and opportunities to work for international and national media teams.  These include Traverse City Horse Shows  and Equiline.  Art can be creative but how you make it abstract is a gift in itself.  

Brooke Giacin (right) and Kathy Russell (left) working at the Palm Beach Masters in 2019.

Brooke Giacin working for Kathy Russell at the Palm Beach Masters 2019.  

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